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This blog is primarily about world building, but also about both gaming and game design, art in general, comics, writing and literature, and lots of other geeky things. It’s my project showcase, tutorial page, discussion area, and whatnot. In any case, have fun with it and feel free to contribute and disagree with me.

Updates are daily from Monday to Friday, unless I got no time or no internet connection. Check out the license page if you want to use anything for your own settings and the like.

A Somewhat Important Note in Advance

This blog may contain adult language and sometimes discussion of sex and/or violence. Read at your own risk.

Please don’t put comments on entry A under entry B just because entry B is the newer one. That’s horribly confusing, and although I’m a big fan of all things chaos, I’d like to keep this blog halfway readable. Thank you.

~ Lex Mosgrove

World Building Projects

Secret Worlds: Steamworks & Nightmares

Aeons ago, vast empires ruled territories stretching far beyond the boundaries of their native universes; thousands of worlds were connected through portals allowing for interstellar travel, trade and warfare; and magic did what technology would never have been able to achieve.

But war and decadence came and swept across the worlds. Empires crumbled, and the trading routes fell to ruin, and in the end, nothing was left of the ancient splendor, and silence fell over the universes.

A long time has since passed.

The surviving nations have regained their former strength and returned on the stage, eager to claim back what was once theirs, again bringing death and destruction in their wake.

Version: v1.0
Status: Active

Game Design Projects

Weird Game Idea #354796: A World Building Game

This game is for world builders who need a bit of extra motivation, or wish to add a bit of competition, e.g. during World Building Month. It is both for single world builders as well as for groups. Unlike traditional tabletop RPGs, this one is supposed to be run aside the main task of world building and is therefore extremely light in terms of time needed to set up and play.

Version: v0.2
Status: Active

Comic Book Projects

Planet of the Damned: Fallen Angels

The world is about to end. Strange things begin to happen as its reality slowly falls apart. Old souls awaken, regaining their memory – and their abilities. Soon, the world is overrun by demons and powerful criminals. And only few people are not surprised by what’s going on.

Among them, a young woman called Starla Sagoes. Born awakened, she is more than happy to have her angelic powers back, especially since it looks like someone has put a bounty on her head…

Version: v0.1
Status: Active


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